FREE custom sandwich box with your child’s artwork!

These are the kinds of free deals that I LOVE! Creative, unique, for a good cause and 100% FREE!

Rudi’s organic bakery in Colorado is holding a free giveaway! Rudi’s is having a contest, with kids art, to see what design will make it as their official sandwich box design. As an incentive for people to like their facebook page and enter the contest, this company is giving away free sandwich boxes with your childs artwork put onto them. Such a cute idea! What parent isn’t oh so proud of the scribbles and handprints that their children make for them? Who hasn’t had something their child made hanging from their frig? Here’s a way to hold onto it and utilize it in a very fun and unique way!

By uploading your child’s art work and claiming the free sandwich box, you are automatically entered into the contest.  Deadline to enter your kids art and get a free sandwich box is June 30th.  Then the voting phase starts, and that’s where the good cause comes in. For every vote cast, Rudi’s will donate $1 to the lunchbox program, up to $15,000! Grand prize winner will be the one with the most votes and will be announced on their facebook page on or after August 1st. Grand prize winner will receive 1 year of organic bread from Rudi’s, a $100 target gift card, $150 whole foods gift card and a 1 year subscription to KIWI magazine.

There’s nothing to loose and great things to gain! If you’re like me, and have more than one child in your household, Rudi’s is offering 2 sandwich boxes with 2 different art works on them for you! Just message them on their facebook page letting them know. And they even pay for the shipping and handling! This is 100% FREE!!!

Start thinking what museum worthy piece of your babies work you want to enter, click on over there, like the page and get started!

I’m submitting my 7 year old son, Rayne’s angry bird fiesta parade! He’s going to be ecstatic to see it on something he can take to school with him and show off 🙂


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