hobby lobby coupon

I’m in love with crafts! Almost anything that I can do myself, that’s cheaper than buying it, I do.  With all my DIY projects, decorating, and kids that love arts and crafts time, Hobby Lobby has quickly become one of my favorite stores.  I’m fortunate enough to live less than 5 minutes away from one here in San Antonio, Texas.  But if there’s not one close to you, don’t worry, all of their products can be bought online.  There’s anything and everything a DIY crafter can want; ribbons, fabrics, wall hangings, art supplies, jewelry making supplies, flowers, seasonal and holiday decor, scrapbooking supplies, party supplies, etc…And the sales there can not be beat! Every day it seems that half the store is on sale, and then the next week, the other half is on sale! I’ve bought sewing patterns for $0.99, yards of fabric as low as $2.00, giant wooden letters for $1.00, and seen seasonal and holiday items discounted 90%! Even with all the fabulous deals they have, I always look for a way to save a little extra, and found it through their weekly email updates.  Sign up for their weekly newsletter, which tells you all the items that will be on sale for the week, and they’ll send you a 40% off coupon with it.  Not just once for signing up, but EVERY WEEK with the newsletter they send! Head on over and start shopping for your next project!


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