Want to make a little money?

Selling your child’s old clothes, toys, books, baby equipment, etc… might be the easiest way to make some money and clean out the closets or garage.  Garage sales are always an option, but it can sometimes be hard to organize, set up and sell all that you were hoping for.  Selling your items to a baby resale store is always a number one option in my opinion.  San Antonio has a number of baby resale stores all with their own style and variety.  My favorite out of the handful that i’ve been to is Once Upon A Child.  This store has the largest selection of items out of the ones that I’ve been to, the best prices, the strictest rules as to condition of items they sell, and a lot of extra goodies like silver baby bracelets, wubbanubb’s, fuzzibuns, etc… They’re always buying baby clothes, any size, style or season, any time of the year, and they give you a great price for your items.  Check their website to see what big items they need like highchairs, playpens and the like to sell those for the best prices, they’ll pay more at times when they need the items then times when the items are stocked.  You can take the cash, or use trade in value for things you see in store that you need or just want to have.  It’s such an amazing deal, quick and easy cash and very little effort! Browse their website to find locations near you, they’re not just in texas, and to find out what big items they need and the rules for selling.



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