Rayne’s giant angry birds birthday bash on a budget!!!

Planning a child’s birthday party can quickly become stressful. One of the top reasons why can be the cost, especially if you’re on a budget! The key is to pick a budget that you want to stay between and STICK TO IT!

My 8 year old son Rayne, just had an enormous party, and it didn’t break the bank. In fact, I think we got off pretty easy.  Here are my tips and tricks for planning a great party on a budget without skimping on anything!

Our price point was right around $150, and that money went to our venue.  Rayne picked Peter Piper Pizza (just like chuck-e-cheese for those of you who aren’t familiar).  And we were able to spend the budget on the venue due to the fact that the decor, goody bags, and cupcakes cost us next to nothing.  With the $150 it cost us to book the party we got, 5 large pizza’s, unlimited drinks for all guests, ice cream for all guests to go with the cupcakes, 150 game tokens for the kids, 350 prize tickets and a giant 8 foot balloon bouquet for the birthday boy, plates, utensils, etc..as needed for eating, and our own hostess who did everything i needed her to like order the food, get the tokens, pass out ice cream, refill drink pitchers, pack up all the gifts, and, my favorite part, handle the clean up! We had a party of a dozen guests, plus some siblings, plus parents!

For decorations, I used the balloons I had from Rayne’s actual birthday along with these FREE angry birds face cut out’s, and these FREE 3D angry birds as table decor.  Simply print out the faces in color or black and white and color them in (this is what we did becasue Rayne wanted to color them himself), but out the shapes and tape them to balloons of the corresponding angry birds colors.  With the 3D paper crafts, print them out, color them in with marker or crayon (again Rayne wanted to do this himself) and follow the directions of where to fold and glue.  These also doubled as goody bag favors because as soon as the kids saw these, they were all asking if they could take one home with them!



For the oh so stuffed goody bags, I visited the dollar tree, where everything is $1, and bought pencils, erasers, glow stick bracelets, crazy straws, stickers, and some candy to fill them with. I also printed out these FREE angry birds coloring pages, tied them with angry birds colored ribbon and added those to the loot.  For around $0.75 a bag, I made 18, pretty awesome, loaded goody bags and had enough for leftovers!


I’m a big baker so instead of a very pricey cake, I made my dark chocolate coffee cupcakes and vanilla confetti cupcakes. I frosted those with different angry birds colors, added sprinkles and topped them with these FREE angry birds cupcake toppers.  Print them out with colored ink onto card stock, cut out, glue onto toothpicks and top your cupcakes!


With the amount of decor, goody bags, food, cupcakes, etc.. that we had, this could have EASILY cost $200 EXTRA! I LOVE DIY projects.  The party was an amazing success, the parents loved all the great decor ideas, the kids were impressed, and most importantly, Rayne loved every aspect of his party and had a blast! He especially loved being able to make all the decor and goodies with me. I think kids get a lot more excited to see the product of something they have taken their time on and created, and it means a lot more to them. Rayne kept telling people, “I did that,” “my mom made that,” “we did that.” And it was great to see him so proud and happy!



 If you’re saving money on a venue and having the party at home, then spend a little on these great ideas for games, arts and crafts activities, and party bags…

  • use the face cut outs for a party activity for the kids to color and make themselves
  • use the face cut outs to glue onto angry bird colored paper party bags
  • use the coloring pages to make hats but cutting out the angry birds and gluing to strips of construction paper fitted around the head
  • use the 3D paper crafts as a party activity
  • make your own angry birds set up with different sized cardboard boxes that the kids can launch their angry birds at to try and knock down
  • slingshots for goody bags or party activity
  • spend a bit on edible angry bird cupcake toppers
  • goody bag rings/cupcake toppers
  • angry birds charms
  • angry birds necklaces
  • masks
  • or check out my online store for custom angry birds hair bows and accessories
  • have someone dress as an angry bird for the party…..i tried to make hubby do this, but no dice… 😉


please let me know if you enjoyed this post, if it helped you plan a party, or if you have any questions!


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