My favorite local groupons

For all my local San Antonian’s, here are my top picks for groupons.

First is for tubing! You can’t have summer in San Antonio without jumping in a tube and floating the River with your friends and a cooler full of beer.  Here is a groupon for just that summer day.  Choose from $7 for one, $14 for two, or $27 for four people. Price includes a tube and shuttle service from the end of the mile long gloat back to the beginning to start it again.  Grab the pack of 4, invite your friends and make them pay for and bring the beer and snacks 😉

Second is for San Antonio’s own brand new professional soccer team, the Scorpions.  Choose between $17 for two or $33 for 4 tickets and your choice of two different game days at our brand new home stadium.  Come out and watch the world’s most popular sport and support your home team.

Third is for a 30 minute ride in a stunt plane! This is PERFECT for an upcoming fathers day gift! I know that my hubby would LOVE to receive this.  It’s not the cheapest, being $199, but it’s a once in a lifetime thing and at the groupon price, it’s 50% off! I think that this just might be worth putting a charge on the credit card for.  Any thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie will never forget this experience or you for gifting it to them. Or, hell, get it for yourself, and cross it off your bucket list!

My three favorite deals right now. Perfect for family outings, summer time activites, hanging with the friends, or fun dates!  All have limitations and restrictions, and, as with all groupons, READ THE FINE PRINT CAREFULLY!

*please leave a comment and let me know if this helped you to snag any of these deals, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!!!!!*


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