my first attempt at making baby shoes….

I have to say, as a shoe fanatic, when I found out baby #3 was our first girl, I started thinking of my mini me with a shoe collection to rival mine.  Not to say that the boys didn’t have 25 pairs of shoes before they could even walk, but Honor would have decidedly more.  So the thought of making my own crib shoes for her to go with all the outfits that I’ve made her was very appealing to me.  Now that I’ve tried to make a pair of my own, it’s a little less appealing to me. I know that it’s my first try and I can’t expect perfection, but I’m slightly dissapointed in them.  They’re still adorable, but I had so much trouble getting the seams to line up and the curves to fit just right that my finished product is slightly puckered and misaligned.  Despite all that, I’m sure that I”ll keep trying until her closet will need an extension just for the amount of shoes.

So here for you to try is a FREE downloadable pattern (this is the 0-3 months size) and my step-by-step guide to making these crib shoes.  Oh, and I have to apologize about the quality of the pictures, my camera was dead so i had to settle for my iphone.

First, print out the pattern and cut out the pieces (I omitted the strap pieces, and used some ribbon that I had, but you can do it either way) Then pin and trace them out onto your fabric of choice, I’m using a giraffe print broadcloth, and cut away.  Make sure you cut out 2 right feet, flip it over, cut out 2 left feet, and 4 of the shoe tops, 2 for each foot.  If you decide to use the strap pattern piece, you’ll need 4 of those as well, or 4 pieces of ribbon. Making it a total of 12 pieces all together.

  In place of the straps, I cut 4 pieces of ribbon that i wanted to use. About 5 inches long each, or however long you want to make them for your bow.  I did not use a faux suede or skid resistant bottom or something to make the shoe sturdier because my 3 month old isn’t walking any time soon, so it wasn’t important in my situation.

Now, step one is to sew the bottoms of the shoe.  Take one of the left bottoms and one of the right bottoms, and put them wrong sides facing, and sew together.  One of the showing  sides will be the inner lining and one will be the actual bottom of the shoe.  Do the exact same thing for the other bottom until you have something like this..

Next, take 2 of the U-shaped pieces and put them right sides facing together.  Take your ribbon and insert them where marked for the straps in between the 2 U pieces.  Pin that all together and sew along the INSIDE of the U ONLY! Do this for both sides.

Make sure your seams are secure and the ribbon is tightly sewed in by slightly pulling on all the seams.  Then flip the pieces and press them open so you have your right sides showing.

Fold the piece in half and align the backs.

Stitch along the back and flip so that the seam is on the inside of the shoe. You can now see that it’s actually starting to look like a shoe!

This is totally optional, but the cover up the seam, and to incorporate more of the ribbon, I measured and cut a piece that was long enough to cover the back seam, and sewed it into place.

Now this is the point where I had some trouble with aligning everything, and got some puckering. Pin the wrong sides (the sides you want to be the inner lining) of the top and bottom together and stitch.  Repeat for the other side as well. Trim off any excess fabric along the seams, and then flip so the seams are on the inside.  This should give you a finished product! Here’s what mine looked like when I was finished.

Adorable right!! Puckered seams and all.  I’ll just have to keep trying.  Practice makes perfect right?


Have any suggestions for me about how to align the top and bottom better to reduce the puckering effect?

Please make sure to like and comment on this post if it helped you try your first pair of baby shoes, or gave you some inspiration! Thanks 🙂


6 thoughts on “my first attempt at making baby shoes….

    • thankyou! let me know if you have any questions if i didn’t explain something clearly. it was my first tutorial. please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog 🙂

      • They look great! Did u use a sewing machine to attach top to the bottoms (souls to tops). I had lots of trouble!

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