101 uses for vinegar


If there’s something that can do it all and is cheap, i’m all for it! Everyone know’s the amazing power of vinegar and all it’s uses, but there are more and more that pop up every day that I’ve never been aware of.  Thanks to simple organized living,  I now have a list of 101 incredible uses for vinegar.

Here are a few of my favorite that seem like they’ll work wonders

  • pour 1 cup into the bottom of your empty dishwasher and run it to clean
  • removes hard water spots from stainless steal
  • cleans leather
  • stops colors from running in the laundry
  • soak clothes in it to remove ink, blood, and sweat stains
  • strengthens your nails when you soak them in it
  • few drops in bath water helps babies with their diaper rash
  • natural weed killer
  • removes sticky residue (think goo gone)
  • whitens teeth
I could go on, but if you want the full list, you can read it yourself.  My point is, vinegar can take the place of at least 10 different items and it’s something that you probably have in your pantry right now! I love discovering hidden uses for everyday things that you have.  I was going to buy some weed killer for my yard, but i’ll just use the vinegar that I have laying around. Money saving at it’s easiest!!



4 thoughts on “101 uses for vinegar

  1. Yes!! Vinegar is my go to product… even though my husband loathes the smell. I do all my cleaning (well, almost all of it) with vinegar. My very favorite all purpose cleaner which works for absolutely everything so it really and truly IS all purpose: 1 tsp Borax dissolved in 2 cups of hot water, add 1/4 cup vinegar and some essential oils (if you want). Works and it’s CHEAP! Best stuff ever.

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