DIY glitter shoes!

Painting the soles of the my shoes, a la Louboutin yesterday, made me think of what else I could do to old shoes to get some fresh life and wear out of them.  And after browsing around for styles that I wanted and ideas of what I could do, I settled on trying to make my own pair of glitter heels! I’ve wanted a pair, but by the time I convinced myself that I would wear them if I spent my money on them, they were sold out of my size.  So I’ll take that as a sign to not spend the money and to do it myself!

Here’s another FREE tutorial for all you out there on how to make your own pair of glitter heels.

The items that you’ll need are

  • pair of heels
  • glitter of your size and color choice
  • mod podge gloss craft glue
  • mixing bowl
  • sponge paint brush

* I got all the craft items that I needed from Hobby Lobby. Click here to read another one of my blogs to find out how to get a 40% off coupon emailed to you every week! *

Just like with my last DIY shoe tutorial, this is really easy.

First, pour a little of the mod podge into your mixing bowl. (If you don’t have one that you want to get dirty, then just line a bowl with foil or something similar) Next, pour in your glitter.  I’m using a gold super fine dust glitter.  I haven’t experimented with a larger flake glitter yet, but i’m sure the results will be the same.  Pour in as much as you want, without clumping up the glue.

Make sure and mix it all up very well.  Dip in your sponge paint brush and just start painting away!

It will look like a mess, but don’t worry, it takes a few coats and the mod podge dries clear.   Paint on one coat at a time and wait to dry in between layers.  The mod podge dries fairly quickly.

After about 3-4 coats, depending on how much glitter you put into your glue mixture and how much glitter you want on the shoe, you’ll have your finished product!

I know they’re not red, but I still have the urge to click my heels together 3 times and say “there’s no place like home.”

They look pretty amazing right? It’s like I got a whole new pair of shoes for about $5, and have enough glitter and glue left for a few more pairs. The only thing that I would change is to do it on a pair of plain, smooth, heels.  I used a heel with a woven, therefore bumpy, texture, as you can see in the picture with the first layer of glitter. Try it on flats, wedges, heels, even baby shoes. I plan on glittering a pair for my 3 month old daughter.  Or if you just want a little bit of glitter pop, tape off and do just the heel, or the toe! Mix your own colors, paint in rainbow glitter stripes, whatever! Go crazy and have fun with it, it’s glitter after all!

What color would you use? Would you try a larger glitter flake or even beaded glitter? Let me know if you’re adding this to your DIY projects list! I always love comments and feed back 🙂


10 thoughts on “DIY glitter shoes!

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  3. I did this to a pair of canvas shoes, I was wondering if you would suggest to apply mod podge on top of the glitter? I was thinking of doing it so that way the glitter wouldn’t fall off and get all over the place. Any ideas?

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