food freebies!

Wanna go out and grab some lunch, dinner or even just a quick snack, but are on a budget? No problem with these restaurant coupons and deals that I’ve found. Some are printable, some have to be emailed to you after you register or sign up for newsletters, etc… but don’t let that keep you from getting your coupon. It literally takes seconds and most will continue to send you coupons year round. Or if you don’t want all the emails,  just do what I do. Register, get the coupon, and then unregister, so as not to get their spam.  Shameful, I know. 😉

and probably my favorite deal, because my kids love the place, Chuck-e-Cheese.  Not exactly a great dinner out, but the kids adore it! Before every Chuck-e-Cheese trip, we get our kids free tickets by playing the Chuck-e-Cheese online games.  You play the games and print a voucher right from home (allowed one per child). Your kids can also earn 15 free tokens by getting good grades and bringing in their most recent report card, or 10 free tokens by filling out various charts (ex. no thumb sucking, good table manners, etc…). I LOVE these charts, it’s just like a sticker chart, chore chart, or the like that you probably already have around for your kids, but they know this one earns them free tokens to play more games, win more ticket’s and get a bigger prize! It’s definitely incentive for them and encourages them to try harder and be proud of themselves for earning something.


please be sure and leave a comment  letting me know which coupon or coupons you are going to snag!


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