glitter dipped manicure that LASTS!

After putting the kids to bed last night, I decided to give myself a manicure.  I riled through my stash of polishes but didn’t see anything I liked; you know the feeling, right? So I decided to glitter dip my nails!

Remember the glitter I had from my DIY glitter shoes, well I got that out and dusted away!

I’m so satisfied with the results!

These babies are full of sparkle and begging to be shown off, the pictures don’t really do them justice.  The shine is so much more power packed and concentrated than glitter polishes.  These babies aren’t chipping any time soon, and as a working mom of 3 (ages 8, 2 and 3 months) my average manicure lasts a whole 6 hours or so before they start showing signs of wear! This manicure feels like a good coat of shellac, but without the price of it!

I’m thinking full on girly pink next time 🙂

What do you think? Want a tutorial? Be sure to leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!



3 thoughts on “glitter dipped manicure that LASTS!

    • my pleasure! it’s been 4 days and still no chips! which is unheard of for my nails! let me know if you have any questions, and please subscribe to my blog 🙂

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