make your own mineral veil makeup!

So I was running low on my bare escentuals powder, but didn’t want to spend the money to get some more, so it got me to thinking….it’s a natural mineral makeup right? Maybe I’d be able to find the ingredients myself! I did some searching and found out that one of the main ingredients is corn starch! That’s right, corn starch.  Something that most people have handy in their pantries.  (For some unknown reason, I happened to have 2 full boxes…?) So my experimenting DIY personality took over and started to mix away!

I took what little of of the powder I had left…

and then mixed in a tablespoon or so of my corn starch…

Then I made sure to mix it VERY well, so the color was all blended together and…

there you have it! A perfect mineral veil makeup!

This is not intended to be used as a heavy powder, it’s a mineral veil, used to keep down oil and shine and to set makeup.

I’ve tried it out and I love it.  I works like the real stuff! I suggest buying your favorite brand of loose mineral powder in a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone and mixing little bits of that at a time with some cornstarch.  Mixing the white cornstarch in with your powder will obviously lighten it, so a shade or two darker is best. It goes on so lightly thought that the color probably won’t be a huge issue.

This trick will help you to stretch out your makeup budget and is such a great little secret!

Excited to try it out? Be sure and leave a comment and let me know 🙂


** SIDE NOTE: I’ve been using this mineral veil everyday since first making it and my skin is amazing! This will always be stocked in my make up kit! **


3 thoughts on “make your own mineral veil makeup!

  1. Just so happen to have the bare minerals set and am low. This was awesome CC. I’m all proud of you and hearts and junk and stuff!!

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