clean up your mattress

Oh the wonder of the internet; how amazing to be able to share all your ideas and tips with the world and know that you’ve helped or inspired someone!

I found this idea from a lady named Calli on and I’m excited! It’s not a great deal on a pair of shoes, no designer clothes sale or anything like that, but still, I’m excited! It’s a how to on cleaning your mattress!

I know, you’re thinking, WHAT? But let me tell you, with 3 kids beds, a guest bed, and our california king size bed, I have quite a few mattresses to keep clean in this house and never really had an idea about how to do it.

I’m gonna go ahead and admit that a spray of febreeze in between sheet changes was the extent of mattress “freshening” going on in this house.

So…..Thankyou Calli for this ridiculously easy and very effective cleaning tip!

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with a few drops of essential oil.  (Calli used lavender, but you can obviously use whatever your favorite scent is) mix that all together and use your kitchen strainer to sprinkle it all over you mattress. Using the hose and  fabric/upholstery attachment of your vacuum, vacuum up all the baking soda mixture and there you have it! A clean, lightly scented mattress.

I know what this weekends house cleaning project is going to be 😉


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