a homemade father’s day!!!

Dad’s are pretty easy to get gifts for.  When you’re young, it’s the picasso-esqe artwork they cherish, the “coupons” good for control over the t.v., let them sleep in, send them out for a round of golf and grill something for dinner.

I’m a full blown daddy’s girl and have 3 young kids to help plan a father’s day with for my hubby (well the 8 year old and I plan and the 2 year old and 3 month old just sit back and look cute), so father’s day is special!

No need to go out for brunch, or take him to a great steak dinner, you can do it all at home with the family and have a memory making time without opening up your wallet.

After you’ve let dad sleep in till 10   9:30  9 (I mentioned the 3 kids right) wake him up with his card. I always have the kids make hand made cards. The drawings are adorable and it really does have so much more meaning when they take the time to sit and create something. Have coffee waiting and brunch starting.  On the menu, try some of our favorites:

  • eggs benedict that can be made with smoked salmon instead of ham, portobello mushroom caps instead of english muffins, fried eggs instead of poached, with spinach and fresh sliced tomato’s on top, etc…
  • mini quiches with your favorite breakfast meats, cheeses and veggies.  make them with only egg whites if you want something lighter
  • fried potato’s
  • fruit salad
  • peach banana smoothies 
  • cream filled strawberries
  • and you can’t have brunch without MIMOSAS!

Don’t think you have to buy the good champagne to make mimosa’s. We use the $5 bottles that our local grocery store has, since it’s mixed with oj and you’re not drinking it straight, it doesn’t matter.

Keep your day going with a lot of kid quality time.  Board games, arts and crafts, swimming, park time, even going down to your local dollar theater to catch an afternoon movie are all great ways to get your family time in.  Don’t forget to surprise dad with his handmade gifts from the kids.

For that great steak dinner, head down to your grocery store and see what they have in stock, and don’t forget to check the reduced for quick sale section.  There’s always a great deal to be found there and as long as you check the date and plan on cooking the meat within a day or two, you’re good. I got a pack of 6 mini bacon wrapped filet mignon’s for like $6! We’re gonna have a huge steak house meal without the $100 steak house price; or having to worry about my 2 year old’s sudden urge to throw his fork at anyone. Missing a cocktail to wash down all that meat, try a pitcher of my red wine sangria.

And don’t forget dessert. Check out my, can’t have just one, dark chocolate coffee cupcakes topped with dark chocolate ganache!

You’re day will be filled with smiles, daddy time, scrumptious food and great gifts from the kids!

What are you planning on doing?


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