didn’t spend a cent

One of the latest arts and crafts projects I’ve made for our home.  I only used things that I already had lying around the house, and didn’t spend a cent!

I’m already thinking of what else I can do with this. I think giant initials would be great, maybe words, map outlines, etc…

Inspired to try it out? Wanna know the step by step process? Be sure and let me know!


4 thoughts on “didn’t spend a cent

    • i used an old wooden backed picture frame that the glass had broken on and i was actually about to trash. i then lightly traced my shape, hammered the little nails 1/2 inch apart. next, tie your thread onto one nail and just start winding and stringing it all around the other nails. so simple and fun! i already had everything on hand so didn’t spend anything! but i suggest cheap pieces of plywood for the base, the tiniest nails you can find (make sure they have heads that the thread can wrap around and hold onto) and thread or even yarn if you want a thicker more dramatic line! i think i’m gonna do state and country outlines as well for my “around the world” places i’ve been wall. what were you thinking of trying?

      • thanks christina! i love the love heart idea but was thinking of trying a mini version and making something like this as the front of a gift card.. only thing is i’ll have to figure out if its possible to use something other than nails as that might not really work so well on card paper! 🙂

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