rainbow ice castle

Here’s one of the cheapest summer fun ideas to do with your kids.  The idea came from my 8 year old son Rayne.   He asked me the other day if we could make colored ice.  So from that idea, I came up with making rainbow ice blocks.  We took different sized plastic containers, dyed them different colors using food coloring and then froze them overnight.

The next day, we set them out for a few minutes to melt, making it easy for them to slide out of their containers, and we had our own rainbow building blocks.

We took them outside and started building.

As they melted and got the side walk nice and soaked and slippery, they made for a great game of shuffle board! We also finger painted with the puddles of water they made and waited to see how long before the sun made our drawings disappear!

After all that, when Rayne decided that he was done with them, instead of just leaving them to melt there, I placed them in the pot of my avocado tree so they could melt in there and water the plant as they did so.

I can’t believe that we got soo much use out of ice! You can also use the opportunity while dying the water to teach your younger ones about color mixes (blue and yellow make green, blue and red make purple, etc…)

Fun and free summer activity! 🙂


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