reuse your coffee grinds

If you’ve been following me, you know that I love finding hidden uses for things and reusing what I have.  (check out my uses for hairspray and vinegar)

Today, I’m doing reuses for your morning (or if you’re like me, your morning, afternoon and evening) coffee grinds.

I’ve been a full fledged caffeine addict since probably about 12 or 13 when I used to go skiing in the Alps with my dad and we’d stop half way down the slopes at the restaurants to grab a snack and dad would get me a giant cappuccino all warm and freshly frothed. So needless to say, there are always coffee grinds in my coffee maker.  Here are some of the ways that I reuse them.

  1. To fertilize plants – coffee grinds are very nutrient rich and when placed in your potting soil or mixed in your garden, it time releases nitrogen.  Or add it to water to make it a liquid fertilizer.
  2. Keep odors out of your fridge – Use a little tray of the grinds in place of baking soda. change out the grinds every week or so.
  3. Neutralize kitchen odors – boil in a pot of water to remove burnt or smoke odors from your kitchen. (i used this last week when plastic fell to the bottom of my dishwasher and burnt.  took the smell away in a few minutes!)
  4. Stain wood – mix with water to the color you want and brush onto wood to stain it or cover up scratches.
  5. Repel ants – spread around the perimeter of your house, yard or wherever you have ants to deter them

Before you go to dump your coffee grinds, try one of these uses!


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