spinach smoothie

Even for spinach lovers, such as myself, a spinach smoothie just doesn’t sound appealing. But all the health benefits, the diet benefits and the promise of it not tasting “healthy” made me think, why not? I’ll give it a go!

Kristin from iowagirleats.com gave me the recipe.  I’m not in to measuring exact amounts, but if you are and need that, just head on over to her site and grab ’em.

But here’s what I did…

with my bullet sized single serve blender, I put one banana, 3 big spoonfuls of organic fat free vanilla yogurt, a few splashes of vanilla almond milk, 1 spoonful of peanut butter, a big handful of spinach and some crushed ice. Blend that all up and there’s your smoothie!

Kristin is right, this smoothie doesn’t taste healthy AT ALL! It’s actually quit tasty and, believe it or not, filling! My 2 year old drank half of mine!

Now he’s a big eater and loves his veggies, but if you have a kiddo that doesn’t take to the green stuff, here’s an amazing way to get them their veggie servings.  And there are soo many add in’s that you could do. Use your favorite fruit yogurts, fresh or frozen fruits, other leafy greens, avocado, protein powder, other nut butters, etc…

Spinach is a superfood and gives you protein, calcium, fiber, vitamins A and C, and iron.  Throw in the banana for potassium, yogurt for vitamin B12, almond milk for antioxidants, manganese, vitamin E and selenium.

We all know the benefits of eating healthy, and now add because it tastes good to that list!


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