DIY chore sticks

The never ending of asking me to buy him this, that and the other, from my 8 year old son Rayne made me decide that it was past time to teach him about the value of working for and saving his own money.  It was chore/allowence time. At first, Rayne wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having a ton of chores to do, but when he realized that he could save money to buy the lego ninjago set he’d been eyeing, he was all on board.  He was even excited to start!

First thing we did was to devise a system to keep track of what he’d done for the day and how much he’d earned. Thought of doing a sticker chart but we use one for school, writing it on a chalkboard or dry erase board seemed too boring and not interactive enough for him. We finally settled on making chore sticks.

To make your own you’ll need to pick up a pack of colored craft sticks (aka popsicle sticks) and a few sharpies in colors of your choice.  Just decide what chores are age appropriate for your child, and write them on the sticks with how much that chore is worth.

Have 2 containers to keep the sticks in.  Put all the sticks in one and as the chore gets done, transfer that stick to the other container so you can keep track of what’s been done throughout the day.

At the end of the day, tally up what they’ve earned and pay them. We choose to give my son his money before bed every night because I think it makes him more excited and keeps him more interested; everyone loves instant gratification.  But you can choose to keep a tab and pay them weekly, or whatever works for you.

Rayne LOVES sticking his money into his piggy bank, and, combined with a bday gift card he had, he’s already bought the lego set he wanted.  We made sure that we made that day special with a special trip to the store just for him to pick what he wanted, stand in line and pay for it himself with his own money! What a great way to teach him how to earn and save for what you want.  He’s even getting wise to how he spends his money, realizing that it doesn’t magically replenish itself in his piggy bank.  It’s never to young to start that lesson!

Thinking of trying this out? Have a chore system that works for you? Be sure and let me know 🙂


One thought on “DIY chore sticks

  1. We do a similar thing but my kids are older 17,14,13,12,9…so they each choose something they want and earn beads toward that item. Each has a jar representing the value (the more expensive the bigger the jar) and they watch the jars fill up each day.

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