make your own febreeze!

With my family of 5, 3 of those being boys, and a fully carpeted house, I go through a lot of febreeze.  I google for coupons, clip them out of the paper, but still don’t succeed on finding one every time i’m in need. And around $5 a bottle, give or take, it’s another one of those little things that just add up! So i’m stupidly excited that i’ve found a way to make my own.  I got the “recipe” from a fellow mom and blogger here. She says it comes out to about $0.15 a bottle which is a 97% savings!

It takes 3 things i guarantee you have in home already and no time at all.  Take a clean and empty spray bottle (i’m just using an old febreeze bottle), pour in 1/8 cup of your choice of fabric softener (i love my gain apple mango tango), 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and then fill the rest with warm/hot water from the tap. Shake that up and you have your own homemade febreeze!

Happy spraying!


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