Cheap mini vacay day!

Hubby had to work on his birthday and we couldn’t do very much, so we decided to celebrate the next day, his day off, with a mini vacay day trip to Austin. We piled the 3 kids in the car stocked with their favorite snacks and toys to keep them occupied for the hour or so long drive and set out. Once we got to Austin, we started our afternoon with lunch at The Texas Chili Parlor, a restaurant hubbs had seen in a movie and always wanted to go to. Not a great family friendly place, but ok food, pretty good prices and it was hubby’s choice for his day.

We then went and walked around the beautiful state Capitol and it’s grounds. We were going take the free tour that they offer, but there was no Handicap/ stroller ramp anywhere in sight (big fail for them) and the mountain of stairs and our double stroller didn’t add up to fun for us.

Strolling the grounds in the 100+ Texas heat quickly got to be a bit much for us So we decided to head over to the kids museum to cool off and let the kids have fun and burn their energy.

It was our first time visiting the Austin kids museum and it did not disappoint. There was such a wide array of hands on projects, live story reading times, arts and crafts, etc… We easily could have stayed a lot longer than the 2 hours we did, but it was past nap time for our 2 year old and the mini monster started emerging. So we decided to trek back to the car and start driving so the mini monsters would fall asleep for their naps. We knew we didn’t want to head all the way back into San Antonio already so we stopped in the historic town of Gruene (pronounce green) on the way back home. Such a cute little town with its old country dance halls, antique shops and an amazing restaurant called The Grist Mill. It overlooks the Guadalupe river and surrounding forest. So scenic and nice. We stopped in for appetizers, drinks and one giant slab of chocolate cake buried under pounds of ice cream, whippedcream and nuts. We relaxed with views for days, butterflies flying just out of reach and a nosy squirrel in his tree.

We then found a little winery with picnic grounds. They offer 3 free samples per person and bottles of wine starting around $10!

We pulled up a wine barrel bench and sipped wine while the kids got to run around the grounds. Hubby and I got to relax and have our time with the kids having a blast right in sight. That’s what I call a perfect time!


There’s always time for a mini vacay, that’s affordable and doable on any budget. Just always check for coupons or happy hours for places you plan to go (museums, restaurants), look up free activities (tours, events), and hit the road!


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