The Oxygen Room and Brow Bar

A great idea for a cheap, or even free, girls day/night out is to check out local openings. Things like galleries, stores and boutiques, and salons and spas. You can pretty much count on free drinks and appetizers, some shopping around and usually giveaways, raffles, or special offers.

I recently attended an opening of a new spa here in San Antonio called The Oxygen Room and Brow Bar. While sipping on a mimosa, I talked to owner and manager Alicia Guevara as she gave me a tour and break down of her place.


This particular salon/spa is a small, but tranquil space. The aqua and silver color choice makes the space feel luxurious and calming; things that you want to feel in a spa. You can tell by everything from the plush fabric choices to the crystal chandelier that Alicia and partner Eloy Rodriguez thought of every detail.


While some of their services are too expensive (though I’m sure worth it to those with the funds) to mention for a beer budget, they did have a good selection of things that can fit any budget. Services like their mink lashes, oxygen infused spray tans, and waxing and grooming are affordable. They even offer a waxing club that is only $25 a month for 3 waxes, areas of your choice! At a $75+ value, that’s too good a deal to pass up! And gentlemen, they haven’t forgotten you. TOR&BB offer an array of men’s services as well and encourage you to stop by. And, Be honest with yourself, you could use some manscaping! 😉

So grab the girls, or even the boyfriend or hubs and head to a local opening. It’s a cheap and fun way to get out, mingle and catch great deals!


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