Forever 21 Grand Opening

This past Saturday I attended a grand opening event for a huge new Forever 21 at San Antonio’s La Cantera mall.


Hubbster was set to have the morning off so I could go, cover the opening and shop around without my 3 mini’s in tow, but he ended up having to go into work. Not to be deterred, I simply changed my game plan a bit to a quick sweep of the place and photos. The mini’s wouldn’t survive the time I could spend in that store šŸ˜‰

With the doors set to open at 10 am, the line was hundreds of people long by the time I arrived at about 10 till, and I was regretting my decision not to use my contacts to get in early for pictures and a walk through.

There were gift card handouts for the first 300 customers, prizes, and raffles for full outfits. There were giant balloon bouquet’s, good music and plenty of staff to hand out shopping bags and point you in the right direction; definitely an opening done up right!

The new store seems to be double the size of the previous one and has much more style! There are set sections for different items (shoes, accessories, and lingerie) and even a plus size section! Multiple mannequin displays give you different ideas for styling and pulling together outfits and massive chandeliers above you make it feel a tad luxurious. The whole store feels like one giant walk in closet; my dream sized walk in closet!




I’m pretty much in love with the place! I plan on returning, sans my mini’s, to really shop around and expand my wardrobe. I think I might have to apply for a job there just to get the employee discount!


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