visually merchandising: a job in fashion

After attending and covering the opening of a local forever 21 the other week, I had a chat with my friend CoCo Warren, visual merchandiser for that store. We talked about what her job means and entails and how to get into that line of work.

Me “thank you for setting some time out of your day for me to do this interview. Can you explain to my readers what visually merchandising is.”

Coco “Visual Merchandising is determining how to merchandise products. It involves figuring out how to create and arrange visual displays so they are likely to appeal to customers.
One type of visual merchandising involves setting up visual displays in the windows of retail stores. We select products to feature and then design themed displays around the chosen items. The idea behind this type of merchandising is to increase traffic to the store and to promote sales.
Visual merchandising also involves arranging and keeping shelves and hanging rack displays full and in good order.”

Me “what part did you play in the whole set up and layout of the store.”

Coco “My part was styling mannequins, laying products out on tables, and putting wall fixtures together to display items on.”

Me “When pulling outfits for and styling the mannequins, what kind of styles and fashions were you trying to portray? Do you try to show something for everyone? (rocker, preppy, hipster, etc…)

Coco “When pulling outfits and styling mannequins, we go by elements and themes the company itself wants us to do, there called updates, for sales, changes of season, and promotions. The company does try to show a variety of different styles such a rock, preppy, hipster, glamorous, western..etc.. We tend to update and change quiet frequently.”

Me “How can you get into this line of work?”

Coco “If you are in fashion/design school and looking for a realistic and profitable career or job in fashion industry, visual merchandiser is one of them. With this job, you have many opportunities to meet people and grow with the company you work for.”

Me “How much is the employee discount and how soon can you get me a job?” 😉

Coco laughs “Not sure about the discount, sorry.”


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