look of the day: FNO BABY!

FASHION’S NIGHT OUT! I had THE BEST time this year as VIP fashion press at Neiman’s at La Cantera. I didn’t  have an outfit picked out until literally an hour or two before I had to be at the event.  On top of that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” girly fit moment my hubby had to listen to, there was also the, it’s 102 outside and I don’t want my face to melt, thing to think about.




The easy skinny jeans and blazer idea got thrown out the window because of the heat, so I went with my LBD!

You’re NEVER to under or over dressed in your LBD. With the intricate lace front and open back, it was the perfect amount of fun fashion! I grabbed my open toe cobalt booties with zipper detail and threw on just one accessory, my oversized silver jewel encrusted elephant ring, which my gayband (gay husband who oh so willingly, and to my hubbsters delight, takes his place at events like these) happened to wear too!


Topped off with my signature “asian ballerina” giant bun and I’m feeling oh so glamorous and ready to hit the red carpet!

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret, my whole ensemble cost less than $50! Yup, 50, 5-0.  The dress (that everyone loved) was $25 at forever21, the shoes (that everyone loved) were $20 at charlotte russe, and so was the $2 ring (that everyone loved). I think I might have been the cheapest dressed there (and I don’t mean street corner cheap)! 

champagne taste on a beer budget because remember…

champagne is delicious, gorgeous shoes are a must, family fun is important, but they piggy bank still has to be fed 😉



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