In the lap of my Infiniti

I partnered with Gunn to borrow an Infiniti QX for a few days to take out to some local events.
After driving it around and utilizing some of it’s numerous features, I almost didn’t take it back. Do you think they would have noticed? The second I sat in the drivers seat and adjusted it and the steering wheel to my liking, I was hooked!

The navigation system, sensors, park assist, and 180 front camera view made hubby a tad more comfortable with me driving something so expensive big.

I took this piece of luxury out to fashion’s night out, and to an outdoor jazz concert sponsored by Gunn.


The perfect family car, my family of 5 would fit comfortably in this 7 seater.

My mini’s loved the 7″ screens built into the headrests. They were already planning which movies to watch. And with it’s hookups, hubby and his friends were talking about hooking up the X-box to play in the car.

While driving the QX, you can’t help but feel…well…fancy. I blame it on the leather. That smell intoxicated me, I was dizzily drunk off of it and can’t be held responsible for my actions.



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