Sunday Funday

I was given tickets to go and check out the San Antonio home and garden show yesterday, and after researching it online and with all the booths, vendors and activities I found, I decided that it’d be great to take the kids to and make it a family day!

Located downtown inside the alamo dome, the show was packed with exhibitors and attendees alike; even on the last day.

There were amazing and fun displays all around, like this “floating” water faucet that the boys marveled at.

and unique plants like this carnivorous pitcher plant (think venus fly trap)

and the, can’t kill ’em in texas heat, cacti

and my own very rare little flower named Honor

For the kids there were coloring pages at a karate booth, story time, kids cooking classes and a lego building contest, unfortunately all at the same time (poor planning on their part). Rayne, of course, chose to head to the lego building booth.

We then headed over to the stage to check out the live birds of prey show where there were vultures, hawk’s, owls and more.  It was a great educational show that had hubby and R&R hooked.  At one point in the show, the hawk was flown throughout the audience and it went right over my boys’ heads so close that the feathers tickled their heads!

On top of all that, and besides the obvious home and garden improvement booths, there was a small animal encounter area a few small animals that kids could go in and pet and take pictures with (we passed on that though because that was charge for kids to do it) a pet adoption area, food and wine samples from local restaurants, hand made products and giveaways.

We spent a couple of hours wondering around and taking in all that there was to offer.

We then ended our family sunday funday with a picnic dinner at the park 🙂

Did you get a chance to check out the home and garden show? How was your weekend spent? I hope you got in some great family time and shared a ton of smiles!


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