Celebrity Casino Night

This past saturday night at the exclusive JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa, the elite of San Antonio gathered at Eva Longoria’s Celebrity Casino Night to help support the charity Eva’s Hero’s.

Decked out in their cocktail best, the sold out crowd of 1,000 filled the halls and banquet rooms of the Marriott while sipping on wine and cocktails from the open bar and noshing on divine food bites along stations where everything was plated and put together right in front of you.  My favorite of the night was the pork loin.  Yes, I did go back for seconds. The honey peach mustarda made the dish; I could put that sauce on anything and eat it!

The main hall was lined with dozens of silent auction items.  There was something for everyone in the family with kids birthday party packages and lessons in music, art and sports, fox fur cape, jewelry and spa retreats for Mom and hunting trips and round of golf for Dad.  Perfect for anyone were items like private catered dinners for you and friends, basket’s of wine and liquor, private cooking classes, local art and movie packages.

Inside the dining hall with the main stage was the live auction featuring 6 high ticket items valued at $5,000 all the way up to $17,700.  There were the all inclusive trips to Bali, Acapulco,  and the Master’s Golf Tournament, private catered Neiman’s shopping experience, the sports fanatic package and the, only in Texas, ranchers delight package that gave you registered purebred Texas Longhorns.

The Master’s golf trip package went for a mere $11,000 while the Bali package went for $12,000.  (Shrug’s shoulders) it’s just chump change; and for some of those in attendance, it is.

Once the casino tables opened up, it was time for fun! Using my $2,000 in “fun chips” that every attendee received, I went straight the the blackjack tables.  Not because it’s “my game” or anything, simply because I don’t know how to play poker, or craps, the slots were all taken and I had yet to see the roulette tables.


Blackjack turned out lucky for me!

We then hit the slots and except for hubby hitting once, we lost $500 in those neon blinking metal boxes.  I learned my lesson and walked away.


The always spinning roulette wheel was our next stop, and probably where we spent the majority of our time.  It’s just fun, easy, no skill required and always a surprise!

It was at those tables that I ran into former NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys and first Vietnamese-American to play in the NFL, Dat Nguyen.

There were also “local celebrities” weaving in and of the crowd. The ones that I spotted and recognized were Great Day SA’s Bridget Smith, chief meteorologist Bill Taylor, and co-anchor Matt Garcia.

Bigger names were found like 13 time world champion poker player Phil Hellmuth, Mario Lopez and, of course, Eva Longoria.

The night was a huge success in terms of attendance and funds raised for a very worthy cause. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on one of our very rare date nights away from our 3 mini’s.

I do have to say though, for having the title “Celebrity Casino Night,” I was very disappointed in the lack of celebrities.  And besides the time she was on stage giving her obligatory speech, or posing for the press, Eva Longoria was nowhere to be found.  Did they shuttle her around behind secret passage ways just so she could avoid mingling?

Call me crazy, but if you’re the host of an event, especially a charity event, it’s my belief that you should be fully participating in said event, mingling, thanking people for coming and their participation and doing the whole celebrity picture/autograph thing.  I’m sure she’s tired of it and just wanted to have a fun night, but it being your event and your charity, shouldn’t you be more available to the people who paid $200+ per seat to attend and support?

Am I crazy for thinking that? Should I have expected that she’d be MIA during the majority of the fundraiser? What do you think? Weigh in and let me know if I’m delusional for thinking I might have been able to snap a picture with her.



2 thoughts on “Celebrity Casino Night

    • The night as a whole was amazing and hubby and I had a great time! Just wished I could’ve been a little more star stunned. But the cause and event were a HUGE success! 😊

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