arts and crafts: finger print tree

To fill up our afternoons at home together, I always have something planned (or think of something on the fly) to occupy my 2 year old.  Arts and crafts are some of my toddler’s favorite things to do, so our craft box is usually stocked.

On this day, we decided to pull out the much loved paints and make a finger print tree.

Here’s what you’ll need



Grab some paper, a pencil and paintbrush and your paints.  I love these crayola paints, they’re incredibly easy to wash up if there’s a mess made.

Step one is to sketch out and paint in the trunk and branches of your tree.


Then I portioned out little bits of the paint for so River could stick his fingers in it and paint.


Have your child dip their finger into the paint and then just make their finger prints along the branches of the tree.



Any day with arts and crafts in our house is a good day!


The finished product is beautiful!


I love it so much that I’m going to frame it and hang it up! I’m even going to have my 8 year old son Rayne do one and see if I can help my 7 month old daughter Honor do one.  They’ll make amazing gifts for grandparents as well!

What do you think? Love it as much as I do?


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