Sin by Silence: standing up against domestic violence

Are you aware that on top of October being breast cancer awareness month, it’s also domestic violence awareness month? If you’re like me, you had no idea; and what a travesty that is.

Every 9 seconds  a women is beaten, and the shame, silence and blind eye surrounding these “domestic disputes” can’t stand.  The goal of The Little Black Dress Society, founded by author Amanda Graybill, aims to do just that.  It was through Amanda that San Antonio was recently privileged with the screening of the movie, Sin by Silence and playing host to the women behind it, Brenda Clubine.

The film is a documentary following the lives of women inside the walls of the California Institute for Women.  These women are serving time for the killings of their emotionally, mentally and physically abusive husbands.  Too much to go into in one short blog post, I will say that you can not watch this documentary and not be affected. You can’t walk out without the need of wanting to spread the word to everyone you know.

I took away so much from this 1 hour film. One of the strongest quotes for me was one of the ladies saying, “if you feel trapped, you are.” Seems simple doesn’t it; common sense? Well, it never is that simple in relationships.  Learn to NEVER ignore those red flags waving right at you.

At the end of the film, as Brenda herself was addressing the crowd, she told us to take those little red flags home and write something on it that we will not accept in a relationship; a behavior or warning that is a red flag.  Mine is, I won’t accept anything in my relationship that I wouldn’t want my daughter accepting in hers. What would yours be? What’s something that you just won’t accept?

With inspiring ladies (from left) Brenda Clubine and Amanda Graybill

Ladies, for the rest of the month of October put on your little black dress and purple ribbons and spread the word about domestic violence awareness! Click on all of the above links to educate yourself, and find out how to help countless women affected.

*special thanks to Chris Cantoya for coming along as my photographer*


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