Toddler car wash

Here’s a fun indoor activity to do with your toddlers. Make a mini “car wash” for all their hot wheels, matchbox cars, monster trucks, tractors, etc… All you need is a plastic tub, a scrub brush and some metal or waterproof toys.

Fill up the tub with some warm water and bubbles, dump in the toys, hand the brush to your toddler and let them go to town!

Can you see the excitement on River’s face as he’s saying “wow!”

My 2 year old was so engulfed in his task of washing his cars that he probably played there for an hour or so adding in more and more cars, washing them, drying them and then throwing them back in to start all over again!

Even baby Honor wanted to join in the fun with her big brother!

I do recommend doing this activity on a tiled floor and laying down a towel; the little ones love to splash!

Just another fun, free, at home, educational activity to add to your list for keeping the little ones busy. Check out some of our other activities here, here, here and here. What are some of your favorites?


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