San Antonio Fashion Week day 4

Day 4 of fashion week featured the 5th annual Avant Garde Going Green fashion show held at The Educational and Cultural Arts Center of Texas A&M University. The space was transformed into a runway show. Every seat was occupied as friends, family and fashion lovers gathered for one of the most anticipated events of the week.

For the going green runway challenge, designers were tasked with creating a piece without their traditional fabrics of choice.  Adhering to the going green standards, designers had to use recycled, recyclable, and eviornmentally friendly materials.  For all you Project Runway fans, this runway is reminiscent of the unconventional fabrics challenges.  Some wow you with their creativity and artist eye, and then some don’t “make it work.”

There were the obvious choices of materials in a challenge like this such as magazine pages, bags of all types: paper bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, and chip bags, and then there was some creative thinking with wood chips and twigs, bottle caps, seashells, and even a deconstructed basketball.

While a few pieces fell short of the challenge and woefully turned out looking like my son’s arts and crafts project, a couple really stood out as high fashion.  There were some that were so masterfully done that I would have taken the pieces home right then and there and worn them out.

LaToya Hudson, for example, designed a basket weave top armor dress with 3D loop details along the skirt and shoulders made from hand tie poly cord strapping that I didn’t even blink my eyes away from, it was so gorgeously put together.

Samantha Palsencia used her intricate origami technique with paper to create a dimensional green ombre gown that left people in awe.

Ladies, I’m talking straight to you, send me those pieces! My definite favorites of the night.

All the hard work and struggles for the designers didn’t go unnoticed.  For this challenge, the designers were actually competing for the big prize of $1000! With so many hopefuls showing their pieces for the payoff, the secret judges scattered throughout the crowd, had a tough decision.

After a few days deliberations by the judges, the Winner was announced. Tania Villareal took the $1000 with her asymmetrical dress she dubbed “la pajarera,” made from paper, crushed leaves, twigs, cut up toilet paper rolls and homemade glue.

* check out this story published in the San Antonio Current here *


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