Custom LED nightlights!

My 8 year old son Rayne still likes to sleep with a nightlight. I think it comes more from a want to play with toys in bed after hours than an actual fear of being without it, but either way, I wanted to upgrade the one he had. So I went on the look out.

I was thrilled to stumble upon these custom LED nightlights handmade by Darrell Frycz.


These nightlights are made from 3/8″ acrylic (plexiglass) making them sturdy and durable, especially for kids, and use an LED light that features a built in day/night sensor, eliminating the need for an off/on switch. The energy efficient LED base consumes a mere 0.3 watts of power lasts on average of 50,000 hrs of use.
These are custom made to order, and not only does Darrell do all the design work himself, he does it on a computer controlled router which he built himself in his garage!

I showed the selection to Rayne and he immediately picked the spider-man web. Not only was he excited about getting to choose his own cool new nightlight, the fact that it would have his name on it made him all the more anxious to receive it in the mail!

The day after I gave my order to Darrell, he emailed me to say it was in the mail and on it’s way, talk about fast service!

I had the package addressed in Rayne’s name and when he went on his daily chore to check the mail and he returned with a package in his name, you could feel the excitement radiating from his smile!



Check out Darrell’s work on facebook and like his page while you’re at it because I have a giveaway coming for you and that like just might come in handy 😉

*disclosure: I received a product to review as compensation for my time. All words and opinions are 100% mine and may differ from yours.


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