The Good List

Throwing a holiday party this season and need a fantastic cocktail to serve or just need one to unwind from the maze of shredded wrapping paper and bows that is your home? Well I’m thrilled to be partnering with some of the best blogging ladies around to bring you a blog circle featuring our pick’s for the best cocktails around!

One of my favorite cocktails is sangria. There’s no right or wrong way to mix and make it and it always comes out too good for just one glass.


Follow my recipe to have your guests asking for seconds.


Red Wine Sangria

1 bottle of merlot

1 can of ginger ale

2 handfulls of fresh blackberries

1 small jar of marashino cherries

1 orange sliced into wheels

1/3 cup blackberry syrup


Now stay with me here cause this can get tricky. Take your pitcher, pour in the wine, ginger ale and syrup. Stir all that together and add in your fruit.
Did you get all that?

Easy, easy, easy, and fool proof! Flavor it to your liking, adding more syrup to make it sweeter, more ginger ale if you want something a little bubblier, and even brandy if you want a good kick. Make this the day before and leave it to chill in the fridge; the sangria soaked fruit tastes amazing!


Continue on with this journey by hopping over to Patty and her favorite adults only beverage.

Happy Holidays!


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