Cookie the Cat

I may have inadvertently gotten a pet….

There’s been a cat prowling through our backyard from time to time that my 2 year old son River is in awe of. She comes around and he’ll park his little bottom in front of the glass patio door to watch her, it’s adorable. Now River is an animal LOVER! He’s never met a species that he doesn’t want to pet, hold, or ask if he can have, so a fluffy cat in his very own backyard, well he couldn’t wait to get out and play with her.

Okay, now mom mode kick’s in. A stray cat? Nice? Dirty? Flea and tick infested?

So hubbs and I go to inspect her; she’s wonderful! Which is really something coming from me. I’m pretty anti-cat. She’s sweet, cuddly, clean, and a gorgeous orange and brown tiger striped, and she looks like she’s pregnant (what’s cuter than a box of kittens!!??!)

The softie I am, go to the pantry and get a can of tuna to feed her. River and I go outside and he’s hooked.

He’s dubbed her Cookie. I think he has a new friend.


One thought on “Cookie the Cat

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