Rayne’s ColorTime crafts creation

Rayne received his ColorTime craft in the mail a few days ago and, as always when something’s addressed in his name, he was excited!

He ripped open the package and dumped out a giant pillow case, a set of 3 markers and instructions. He wanted to start coloring right away, but it’s a good thing I made him read the instructions because it informs you to out a paper bag, or something of the sort, in between the layers of fabric so the marker doesn’t seep through. After doing so, he uncapped those markers and did his thing.


He loves his new pillowcase. He was so eager to put it on his pillow that he asked to do it right away, but I suggested we wait until I washed it so the colors would set.

I was slightly disappointed that the kit only came with 3 different colored markers but Rayne didn’t mind at all, and the makers are soo big that they can easily be used for multiple projects. The colors did run slightly on the fabric, as Rayne colored but not enough to be blatantly noticeable. the pillowcase has now been washed and the colors held, didn’t fade or run and look good as new!

All in all, it’s a great arts and crafts project that Rayne enjoyed doing. He’s already talking about decorating his own shirts with the markers! I might have to check into their wholesale program and get some for his birthday party this year or even his cubscout pack!

*disclosure: I was given this product at no cost to try out and review. All opinions and reviews are 100% mine and honest. Our experience with the product may differ from yours.


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