valentines for the hubbs

Did you check out my Valentines fashion wish list? Well, now i’m making one for the hubbs.  Here are a few of my picks!

mens valentines picks

– Start with a vest. I love a vest on a man. You can dress it up or down, but it always looks classy.

– Grab him a shaving kit.  My dad always had an old fashion brush, soap and razor for shaving.  It’s classic and just seems so manly.

– The shoes. A pair of Valentines red Chuck Taylors would be perfect, and comfortable, for the hubbs.

– Pile on the accessories. My top picks for the hubbs would be a thick leather cuff, a giant faced smokey gray metal watch, classic rayban aviators and, of course, a dad dog tag necklace.

shop my wish list


Vest from tiger of sweden
converse from zappos
shaving kit from the art of shaving 
leather cuff from Lanvin
dad dog tag at kohls
rayban aviators at Asos
watch by Kenneth Cole


What are you thinking of grabbing the man in your life?



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