The new Best Buy


I hadn’t been to my local Best Buy in a few months so when I made an appt with the Geek Squad at their new Solution Central, I was so surprised to walk into a totally new redesigned store.


About Solution Central
In a world where Customers are motivated by price and assortment, Best Buy realized we had to move beyond a functional role of being “just another place to buy” and “just another repair place” to establishing a higher level, emotional relationship and to deliver a differentiated, high-touch Customer Experience.

In the new store layout, we have positioned the center-of-store experience as Geek Squad Solution Central and applied Customer feedback to build best-in-class Customer Experiences and expand our abilities to teach and inspire. We strive to stand out and be the best place to buy, learn, get inspired and find support. We want to exceed our Customers’ expectations and further cement the value of our relationship in every interaction we have, with every customer.

Located in the center of the store for easy access from any department, the core of Solution Central is to provide opportunities to surprise & delight and exceed current expectations of our service offerings by showing Customers how to “own” and “enjoy” their technology.

The Agents
Solution Central is staffed with Geek Squad Technology Education Agents (TEAs). TEAs have a strong knowledge of all services, technology and categories in the store. It is the TEAs job to ensure no Customer is ever left un-served or underserved, they also partner with the Best Buy Blueshirts during the sales process to ensure Customers’ end-to-end needs are met. The TEAs provide the following:

• Counsels Customers on repair, replace, buying and after-sale decisions and helps them find the complete solution that will work “wherever they are” in their technology journey

• Performs Walk Out Working experiences for Tablets, Computers, Digital Cameras and Gaming categories – demonstrating how to customize to best suit each Customer’s needs

• Performs 1-on-1 consultations and group classes/training that appeal to Customer interests and pain points – no question too big or too small

• Shows how to get more out of technology, including getting access to information you need, entertainment your crave and connecting with the people you care about


Walk-Out-Working are “in the moment”, custom product set-ups offered before you leave the store with your new device, with the option to schedule appointment times at a later date. WOW is offered across multiple categories including mobile, computing, tablets, gaming and digital camera. The appointment can range from rapid, quick-fire set-ups to elongated, more detailed set-ups, depending on the Customer needs.

1-on-1 Consultations
A 30 minute 1:1 personalized sessions with a TEA to cover any topic the customer has questions on. These classes are meant to accommodate different Customer preferences for how and what they want to learn.

Technology Debriefing Classes
Our classes span over multiple categories and cover a broad range of topics including Windows 8, What New with Apps, Different Operating Systems, to How to Watch TV on your Phone. We’ll continually build out an expansive library of classes and content to meet our Customer needs and interests.

Watch this short video that gives further details!

I made an appt at solution central to have my camera looked at. My original camera has long since gone to camera heaven so my parents sent me a basic point and shoot camera to replace it. The camera sucks (sorry mom and dad)! I’m not camera savvy though so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and wanting to make sure it wasn’t my user error, I sought out geek squad help.

I checked into solution central with the TEA and got right into it.


He walked me through the settings of my camera and made sure everything was working right. It was. I’m just in need of something higher quality. When I then asked him about upgrading to a DSLR camera, he walked me right over to the camera section, introduced me to the specialist there and made sure to explain my needs to her before leaving me in her capable hands.

I asked her about every brand there. Their megapixels, zoom, accessories, bundle packages, etc…and there wasn’t one thing that she didn’t have an answer for or had to look up!

I think I’m leaning towards a new Nikon!


My 3 year old son River tagged along with me and you would’ve thought he was in a toy store with all the running around and excitement on his face! The interactive gaming and tablet sections kept him occupied and the kitchen appliance section, for some reason, made him so happy as he opened and closed every fridge and oven door that he could get his hands on.


Have you visited your local Best Buy lately? If not, head over and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the upgrades.

Make an appt or book a class at the new solution central and find help with your tech problem!

disclosure: I was compensated for this post in the form of a Best Buy gift card.  All words and opinions are 100% honest and my own.  My experience may differ from yours.


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