I need a nap

Let me apologize in advance for mis-spellings, grammar errors or just plain old babbling and not making sense.

I’m tired. Exhausted. Worn out. And it’s only 10 am.

Mini queen was up from about 2-5 am last night. I have a teether on my hands. Even as an experienced mommy of 3, this is new to me.

Rayne and River never had trouble with teething. I didn’t know they were “teething” until teeth popped out. They never woke up crying. I never needed oragel on hand. They slept through the night at 5 & 7 weeks old and stayed asleep!

With Honor, on the other hand, oragel and baby Tylenol are stocked on my bedside table and a 2 am bottle is a common bribe to get her back to sleep.

Last night was rough! After oragel, a bottle, me walking her around the room, hubby walking her around the house, Tylenol, a 2nd bottle and 3 hours later, she blissfully fell asleep….for a few hours.

No sleep makes me grumpy! I need coffee. So much coffee! Somebody want to come brew it, pour it add 2 scoops of sugar and serve it to me?

I need to get off this couch.


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