kid friendly monthly subscriptions

Ever since I heard about Kelly Art Kits, I’ve been looking around for more kid friendly monthly box subscriptions that’ll keep your mini’s busy and give you the most bang for your buck!

Here are my top 5 picks (in no particular order)

1. Babba Box


Babba Box is an arts and crafts themed box aimed at kids ages 3-7 that ships to you complete with all you need to create 2-3 crafts complete with stories, lessons and themes that change month to month.

2. Gift Lit


This is actually perfect for anyone from baby to adult. Gift Lit delivers you a book a month based on your age selection. You can also substitute or return the book you receive if it’s not something you find yourself interested in.

3. Wittle Bee


Wittle Bee’s in a monthly clothing delivery system. How genius is that?! Take the hassle out of clothes shopping with kids by having it delivered right to your door! Boxes are filled with 8 varied items a month based on your age and style profile choices.

4. Little Passports


Help your kids explore the world and learn about different cultures with Little Passports. Characters Sam and Sofia visit a new country every month and send you a letter, souvenirs, stickers, etc…

5. Stork Stack


This box is geared for moms and kids up to 3. Each month 5 new items ship right to you. Items vary from new mom work out dvd’s, teething toys, product samples, etc…

Blissful convenience packaged, wrapped and delivered right to you! Who doesn’t like having a package full of goodies to open, wether addresses to your kids to light up their faces every month or for you!

Which one would you like to try?


3 thoughts on “kid friendly monthly subscriptions

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