#SAGlimpse day 43

I almost didn’t make it today, but I haven’t missed one yet…

Day 43 of the San Antonio Bloggers Instagram photo a day challenge is college flashback.


The 2005/2006 school year for the University of Maryland University College on Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany where I attended classes while 18 and the mom of a 1 year old.

The majority of my classes were art history and psychology oriented as those were going to be what my degree was in; a major in art history with a minor in psychology.

I only finished a few semesters and never completed my degree; one of the few major regrets in my life.

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2 thoughts on “#SAGlimpse day 43

  1. It’s NEVER to late to start again. The time will come when u least expect it! U obviously have intellect and talent or u wouldn’t be where u are or in this position having the opportunities you’ve encountered so far;) Ur only regret should be if u hadn’t done anything which obviously is quite the the opposite ;0 sorry for the tangent/speech! I’m a former teacher who’s now a full time mommy 😉 don’t ponder the “could’ve been….but instead realize how much you’ve already done;)

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