DIY crayon friends

Rayne was asking me when we were going to get valentines for his class and pondering which ones he wanted to buy: super heroes, legos, angry birds, etc… But when I told him we could make our own, my arts and crafts loving 3rd grader was hooked!

Not allowed to bring candy or treats to his class for the valentines exchange, we had decided to make our own crayons.

This DIY project has been on my mind for a while, and then fellow mommy blogger friend Tori at The sTori Book made some heart shaped crayons for her preschoolers class, and they came out perfect, so my mind was made up that we were doing it! Luckily, Rayne loved the idea and was excited to start!

Grab a box of crayons (we used about 60 to make 24 crayons), and an oven safe silicone mold.


Rayne chose this one to make little crayon friends for his friends. Cute.

First, preheat your oven to 450

Then peel off all the paper from your crayons.


Break or chop them up into little pieces that’ll fit into your mold. Try to keep them all the same size so they melt at the same rate.


Rayne decide he wanted to make rainbow swirl colored crayons so we just kept the colors all together and Rayne picked and chose the colors he wanted to mix.




Silicone molds are pretty flimsy so I placed mine on a cookie sheet before placing it in the oven.

“Bake” for 5 minutes or until they’re all melted down. It happens quickly and you don’t want them to bubble and burn so watch carefully!


Rayne thought it was cool watching them melt down. We watched them change from solid crayons to melted pools of colors.


Once they’re all melted, place them in the freezer for a few minutes to set and them simply pop them out of the mold!


To turn them into Valentines, use double sided tape to adhere them to card stock.


“Valentine, thanks for being such a colorful friend!”

Each one hand signed by Rayne


I’m anxious for Rayne to come home from school today and show me all his Valentines and to tell me how all his friends liked his homemade crayons!



5 thoughts on “DIY crayon friends

  1. I have always wanted to try this because it looks so cute! But I hate the idea of breaking crayons. I thought of just saving all the broken ones through time and doing it just for ourselves to have. Maybe one day i will change my mind and break a bunch of them. But either way I love this! Most people do hearts for Valentines Day but you went with little friends and I love that! Its original. Happy Valentines Day! 🙂

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