5 blades makes a difference

I have to admit that I’m a girl that HATES shaving my legs! It’s just a hassle to me, just one more “chore” that I have to add to my list.  Mostly because I’m lazy about it and hate having to lather up.  Well, now I don’t have to with the new Schick Hydro silk razor, and THANK GOD!

I’ve been using a bag of cheap-o dollar store razors that I happened to see and pick up while at the dollar tree picking up this and that.  I figured, eh, all razors are the same, and it’s a whole bag of them for a buck; good deal.  Not such a good deal! The dull double blade’s made shaving even more horrible for me and my dry, almost eczema skinned, legs did not appreciate me trying to save money on their shave.  I actually had to resort to using the hubbs’ razors (sorry hun)!

Fast forward to the schick hydro silk being delivered to my doorstep and my first use of it, and I’m a changed women! Seriously, no shaving cream, soap or anything need for me! Yay!! For some reason, not having to go through with that little, annoying, step has made all the difference! I’m now shaving my legs every 3 days or so (that’s how long your butter smooth shave will last)! Schick’s 5 blade razor, that’s right I said 5, ensures you get the closest shave possible while the water activated hypo-allergenic moisturizing serum leaves your legs oh-so touchable.

I’m NEVER going back to anything less!


disclosure: I am a Bzz Agent, and as such am provided with items, free of charge, to review and promote. All thought, opinions and words are 100% honest and my own. my experience may differ from yours.


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