Bath time fun with tub time turtle

Bathtime is never a problem in our house, the minis never complain about it (except for my 8 yr old son Rayne who hates his showers because they’re “boring”).

Honor and River enjoy bathtime so much that Riv asks for a bath every night! The fun part of bathtime? The toys of course!

One of the newest to join the elite ranks of favorites is the Nuby tub time turtle.


This brightly colored little guy bobbles around the water, never sinking, as it fills with water so when you lift it, there’s a waterfall.


We also made a game out of trying to toss smaller toys into the bowl. So much fun to be had!

Disclosure: I am an official Nuby mommy blogger and as such I receive products, free of charge, to review and promote. All words and opinions are 100% honest and my own. My preferences and experiences may differ from yours.


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