Pinots Palette

Have you heard of Pinot’s Palette? A fun new twist on a painting class. Bring a bottle of wine (or any drink of your choice) and some snacks and come out for a step by step instructional night of art.


San Antonio is fortunate enough to have a newly opened Pinot’s Palette location that the hubbs and I recently visited for one of our rare date nights out.

I packed a picnic basket of goodies, grabbed a bottle of sangria and we made our way over.

We were welcomed by owner and manager Cristina as soon as we walked in the door. People were already chilling bottles of wine in tubs of ice, grabbing provided eating utensils and bottles of water and socializing while waiting for our instructions to start.



Our resident artist instructor Sonia called the evening to a start and we all settled in front of our canvases with our paints and brushes ready to go.


This was the painting of the night that we were going to be taught to recreate.


Gorgeous but a bit daunting for a zero art ability person such as myself. But Sonia reassured us that we could do it!

Step by step we were walked through how to do it for ourselves.



With little breaks in between to allow for our paint to dry and to grab another snack or glass of wine, the evening lasted about 2-2.5 hrs. Time flys when you’re having fun!

Mine turned out a bit darker than what I was trying to do, more of a night time sky than a spring day sky, but I’m proud of it; the only acrylic painting I’ve ever done!

The hubbs and I had such an amazing time. We love finding unique things to do when we get a chance to get away from our 3 minis. We’re already picking out another painting we’d like to try. We’re definitely going back!

Be sure to check out and like them on Facebook, and book your date now!


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