Reach the table with Nuby

River just turned 3 and he’s a big 3 year old. He’s too big for his high chair, but to small to sit at the dining room table by himself so we were in need of a booster seat. Thanks to Nuby we’ve found a sturdy, lightweight, colorful one that’s exactly what we needed.


This booster has a wide base and curved lines to add appeal. It can hold up to 65 pds. and comes equipped with safety straps (assembly required).


I do think I’m going to have to put a towel between the booster and my fabric upholstered dining room chairs to prevent denting in my fabric, but I do that with all boosters and car seats that we’ve had as a precaution.

River loves being able to sit up in his own chair and reach the table like a big boy! It’s the perfect height for him!


It also makes keeping him in his seat until all his dinner is finished much easier!



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