Getting insane….again

I’m starting the insanity workout. Again.


The first time I tried the program, I probably made it through about a month, skipping a day here and there.

I think a 60 day challenge of this kind just really intimidated me and I completely lost motivation, especially when the hubbs got lazy and wouldn’t do the workouts with me anymore.

I really need to be held accountable for working out because exercise is not my thing! I haven’t set foot in a gym in probably 6 years!

This time around, I’m re-focusing myself and making smaller goals. I’m taking it a week at a time.


Day 1 done! Sweaty and feeling beat up. That’s how I know I’ve done it right!

PLEASE help keep me in line! Leave motivational comments, check in to make sure I’m meeting my goals and hold me accountable! I’ll be posting weekly updates.

Day 1 measurements
Waist: 27.5″
Hips: 36″
Thigh: 21.5″

Waist: 25″ (pre baby #3 size)
Hips: 34″
Thigh: 19″


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