Insanity check: end of week 1

Week 1 of my fitness challenge is done!


I’ve done 4 insanity workouts, 1 day at the gym that included 100 crunches on the ball, a mile on the cross trainer/elliptical thingy (can you tell I haven’t been to the gym in YEARS) and some free weights. I ended up taking 2 days off instead of 1… Still, I’m proud of myself!

Exercise and I have commitment issues with each other. We have a come and go kind’ve relationship and I’m working on giving him more of my time.

Day 1 measurements
Waist: 27.5″
Hips: 36″
Thigh: 21.5″

Current measurements
Waist: 27″
Hips: 36″
Thigh: 21.5″

Waist: 25″ (pre baby #3 size)
Hips: 34″

Keep checking in with me to see how I progress towards my goal and help me along the way with words of encouragement and motivation!


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