Beware the head butting 3 yr old

River has a boulder battering-ram of a head. It’s probably been knocked around more than it should be for his 3 years of life, but my little dare devil, can’t sit still, mini monster shrugs it off and keeps going.

My right eye/cheek bone has become it’s latest victim.

It was a total accident and maybe even my fault. I was throwing him up and down in the air when, BAM! My eyes gloss over and I’m seeing nothing but pure white for a second. OUCH!

Immediate goose egg.


It’s not too bad. Looks like I partied a little too much the night before and didn’t get enough sleep; a bad tired under eye circle. Nothing some concealer can’t hide. Just have to gently apply it, as my face is tender to the touch.

Have you sustained any injuries from your minis’ flailing body parts?

Welcome to motherhood!


One thought on “Beware the head butting 3 yr old

  1. Boys and their solid noggins. When my oldest was 2 I was tickling him and he threw his head back and cracked me in the jaw. Cracked my tooth in half! Had it fixed twice, but ended up having it taken out when I got my wisdom teeth out. He’s lucky he is cute 🙂

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