3rd place?! I’ll take it!!

I’m soo thrilled, I just have to share with you all! I was voted 3rd top blog/blogger in San Antonio according to the San Antonio Currents “best of” poll!


I can’t express enough how much this means to me! I’m so excited to have the support and votes from the city and from friends, family and followers around the world!

If you voted, THANK YOU! If you read my blog, THANK YOU! If you follow my facebook, twitter or instagram, THANK YOU!

I’m truly passionate about writing and sharing my life with you through my blog, and if one person is legitimately interested and an avid reader, then I’m happy!

Big congrats to winner Stephanie Guerra at Puro Pinche.


And 2nd place, Tori Foster Johnson, friend and fellow fashion & mommy lifestyle blogger, at The sToribook.


I love how women are dominating this category!

Check out each of the winners’ blogs for our unique takes on writing, life and exploring our Alamo City!


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