Did you go to your prom?!

You’ve seen them around, the teens in their tuxes and ballgown-esque dresses; it’s prom time!

I never made it to my senior year prom and if has me curious as to how many of you went.

Click on the picture below to vote!

Prom season is in full swing! Did you attend your senior year high school prom?


6 thoughts on “Did you go to your prom?!

  1. We went to my junior & senior prom (my husband’s junior prom), but not his senior prom. Yes, we’ve been together since then! (I couldn’t vote because I didn’t have an account.)

  2. I went to Prom my sophomore year (invited by a Senior), my Junior year and my Senior year Prom as well. I would have gone my freshman year too but my mom told me when school started that I couldn’t go. Later she saw girls buying prom dresses and commented that it was too bad I hadn’t been invited… I had been invited by both a Junior and a Senior in my Photo Journalism class but had told both I wasn’t allowed to go. Thanks a lot mom!!! 🙂

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